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The Hate Crimes Bill has just been signed into Law


The homosexual acceptance act otherwise known as the Hate Crimes bill was signed into law yesterday 10/28/09. So how does this law affect most Bible believing Christians? This law will try silence Christians from speaking out against all the  vile and filthy acts of the homosexual, lesbian, and trans-gender lifestyle. In one stroke of the pen Obama has given Federal protection  to some 40 perverse sexual orientations such as bestiality, pedophilia,transsexuals, and transvestites to name a few. It is no wonder that the Obama Administration would support this type of legislation since he is a radical himself. Here a some of the people appointed  to the administration as Czars: Van Jones an avowed Communist who had to resign, Carol Browner a Marxist- Socialist, Cass Sunstein, and many more to numerous here to name.

Getting back to the  topic at hand, so you may ask how did this hate crimes legislation pass? First we are living in a PC environment in which free speech is not tolerated and Fascism rules the day!!!! If you disagree with the with prevailing  PC thought  on any subject, they shout you down, call you a homophobe, call you a racist, try to isolate you and minimize your right to Free Speech. So in reality they are the true Fascists, not the Christians who want to speak the truth of the Bible.

So was the legislation passed into law?? Simply by combining it with Defense spending legislation, the coward lawmakers knew that the Hate Crimes bill would not pass as stand-alone legislation. By combining the two bills the coward lawmakers would circumvent public scrutiny and sneak in under the radar the horrendous free speech eliminating hate speech/ hate crimes bill.

As a strong Christian I am not intimidated by the homosexual radicals, and I will continue to speak out against the sin of homosexuality as the Bible perfectly states it. I have a strong word for the homosexual and lesbian community. Repent of your sins, turn from your wicked ways and receive Jesus Christ as your Savior or burn in Hell for All Eternity!!!!!!!! For the Judgement of  Almighty God will be upon America shortly and His Wrath will be poured out because as a nation America has rejected God His precepts, and principles. The economy is all ready in shambles because America has worshipped at the altar of the false god Mammon. Now the acceptance of  all the perversions of the Homosexuals as normal. We must not forget what happened to the Sodomities in the 19th Chapter of Genesis, they were destroyed as God rained down fire and brimstone upon them.


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  1. How you been doing Ricky? This is Damon and I just wanted to see how you was doing. I noticed awhile back that you did an update draft but never finished it. So I was wondering about you brother. Let me know how your doing. 🙂

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