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What is Happening in the Charismatic World Part 3

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MorrisCerulloWhat I see happening in the Charismatic World is more of the same  old stuff. Some Christians just don’t seem to get it, and are still looking for the next Great Revival of  Signs and Wonders. You would think that with all the information out there about Todd Bentley’s false healing revival in Lakeland Fl  that people would come to their senses and have some discernment.  But no, the Signs and Wonder chasers are still out there in full force, looking to be deceived by the next “Anointed Preacher” or New Doctrine. It seems that itching ears have to be itched over,  and over,  and over again. As II Timothy 4 vs 3 states that:“For the time will come when they will not endure sound Doctrine”. If only Christians would be able to discern the times we live in, they would understand the time that II Timothy speaks about is the present age we live in. Not in some future time to come , but right in the here and now.

This is a right now word, how many times have I heard that only to find out that the TV preacher was trying to sell some of that right now  word for a special price of only $19.99. Benny Hinn’s miracle crusades are still drawing huge crowds with people desperately seeking  Signs and Wonders only to be crushed when their guaranteed miracle does not happen.

Morris Cerullo is still hawking his how to pray books and special  spiritual warfare prayer Bibles along with next crusade of whatever.

Paul Crouch and Richard Roberts are still begging  the viewer to send in their seed faith gift and their miracle will come. How about some  special Harvest Anointing oil or Revival Anointing oil as sold by the Elijah List for $14.00. When will the merchandising  and marketing of trinkets to God’s people ever end ? It won’t stop until Jesus returns.

Even Perry Stone has veered  off course and will be interviewing next week someone who went to heaven and spoke with their relatives. Now that is necromancy and spiritualism which is specifically forbidden by the Bible. He went on to say that the person had a near death experience, and came back to share what happened.  Even my daughter recognized that speaking to the dead was forbidden by God. I guess he had to fill in time and figured the way to boost ratings  was to show something that  bordered on the bizarre. Perry’s teachings  now have more of a Kabbalah influence than that of the Bible.  Does anybody see a pattern here, there is really something wrong with this picture.

As Christians are we really that gullible, the answer unfortunately is an astounding yes. But we can change that by going back to sound teaching and doctrine and by studying the Bible daily. Start by reading some of the classic Christian sermons by preachers such as EM Bounds, Charles Spurgeon, Harry Ironside, or DL Moody. We must humble ourselves, get on our knees and pray for Forgiveness for straying so far away from our First Love which is the  Lord Jesus Christ. Then  and only then we will be on the right path of  obeying God rather than man.


2 Responses to “What is Happening in the Charismatic World Part 3”

  1. Once again I am grateful to your posting of the fakes and exposing lies. Keep this up and may God’s grace and strength continue to abound in you.

  2. This is another great writing Ricky. It is obvious that you spent some time reading about what make a good blog good. The relevant videos and pictures do allot to getting people to bookmark the site and visit again. With your writings I am sure your readership will grow. Your a real good apologist and it a learing pleasure to read your stuff. THANKS

    I used to like to watch Perry Stone. He did some great research into pre-dispensational rapture teachings. It is sad to see he is going to have forbidden stuff like necromancy on his show. Thanks for the knowledge.

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