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Why we Must Contend for the Faith

rg3It is imperative now, that we must contend for the Faith more earnestly than ever. The amount of false doctrines and false movements which are circulating in Christianity today are mind boggling and confusing to some believers.

Many Christians just don’t know who or what believe anymore. The Bible tells us in the Book of Hebrews Chapter 12 vs 2 that we should be ” Looking unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of our Faith; who for the joy that was set before Him endured the Cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the Right Hand of the Throne of God”. Jesus will get us through the adversity we are facing. As many a preacher have said “Jesus is our source, the Cross is the means”. The Book of Jude states in verse 3 “to contend earnestly for the Faith which was once delivered unto the Saints”.

The adversity that Christianity is facing today comes from within the body of Christ not from the secular world. The movements which are responsible for seducing believers. Away from the simple Truth of the Gospel are : Signs and Wonders, Prophets/ Apostles, Latter Rain, Joels Army, Manifested Sons of God, the Word of Faith, and the Emergent Church movements. Take a look at a video clip of C.Peter Wagner as he endorses Todd Bentley last year in Lakeland Fl. Who may I ask appointed C.Peter Wagner in charge of endorsing anyone. Some of  Peter Wagners quotes are found here:

Did God really appoint C. Peter Wagner as head of the Apostles movement, absolutely not he appointed himself and the rest of his ilk such as Che Ahn, Todd Bentley, Rick Joyner, Paul Cain, Chuck Pierce and the rest of the Kanas Vineyard False prophets. Who have Global designs for the Church through the ecumenical movement in uniting Apostate Christianity with the One World Church, and eventually accepting the Antichrist to be the Christ.

Then there are people like Patricia King from the Extreme Prophetic who  espouses New Age psycho-babel and labels herself as a “New Mystic”.  The only way for people like Patricia King to stay on the scene is for the average believer to be dumbed down, looking for an experience rather than studying the Bible and knowing  how to spot a false prophet immediately. Not only does she teach mysticism as the core of belief, Patricia King  is a gnostic as well. According to Moriel Ministries King is quoted as saying “WISDOM IS REVELATION CONCEALED AND REVELATION IS HIDDEN WISDOM REVEALED. When the Kairos time comes for hidden wisdom to be revealed in the earth, the deep of the Father connects with the deep of our spirits, and Holy Spirit impregnates us with revelation knowledge wrapped in the seed of His Word. As a result, hidden wisdom foreordained unto our Glory in Christ is unlocked.”

Here is a short clip of Patricia King and her breaker anointing.  What’s with the  all woe’s and hoe’s I just don’t get it, oh thats supposed to emphasize her spirituality really!!!!!!!

There are real people who are concerned about these heretical movements such as one who I admire for his stand is Justin Peters Ministries. He not only speaks out against the heresies of the false teachers but has put together a great seminar”A CALL FOR DISCERNMENT” which is a Biblical Critique on the Word of Faith which speaks to the heart of the matter and the false teaching that began with Kenneth Hagin. As Christians we can no longer sweep things under the rug,  look the other way, or be neutral. We must take a stand now and we must contend for the Faith and do so with passion for  precious lives are held in the balance.


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  1. I have just listened to sermons on the Word of Faith Movement and Jim Baker’s sermon on the prosperity movement. It is excellent and agree with every word. My son fellowship at these prosperity churches and always talk about the Word of Faith and i can tell you he has been going there for 19 years and – He has absolutely nothing no car renting a house and his wife divorced him. They are both still in this setup and it seems to me they cannot see they just live from day to day. All they ever talk about is tithing if you tithe God will bless you and if you sow you will get more. We need to tithe but there is no scripture in the N Testament that says we must give 10%. New Testament giving is Grace giving what you have you give and with a joyfull heart. It is not an obligation we give because we love God. It really is a very deceptive ministry and people fall for it. We pray that God in all His mercy will open peoples eyes so that they can see.

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